So You’re into excellence

You need a ridiculous number of skills in today’s marketing and tech world. If you’re aiming for excellence, that is. From smooth digital products to epic campaigns and thrilling experiences – with the right specialists by your side, you’re unstoppable. That’s why you are here. So we both honour expertise, what a beautiful start.

Welcome to our peculiar family of expert agencies

You'll soon see: we match every task with the best of our experts at the right time. We fuel each other to go the distance. That’s your ticket to a top-notch performance. We push it. We push it real good.

  • Bound by blood

    Sharing our P&L, we nip internal competition in the bud. If one of us ruins the coffee maker, we all go cold turkey on caffeine.

  • Output before ego

    We’re one, but we’re not the same. We bring different skills to the table, and we use them to get you the best result – not to prove a point.

  • Going the distance

    We always look beyond the finish line, paving the road for the next chapter of your exciting journey. We’re in it together, and we’re in it for the long haul.

  • Down to earth

    Though we aim for the sky, that’s not where our heads are. We’re rational enough to know: our work has to rock and be rock solid.

Are you the one?

We have a soft spot for eager beavers who take their responsibility. We like explorers who transcend the traditional. Sounds like you? Scroll on, then.

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  • Experienced web application developer

    Experienced web application developer

    At Next Apps, we love a good challenge – and variety is our greatest source of energy. We develop web applications for both well-known companies and entrepreneurs who are just starting out. As we’re planning to increase our focus on...
  • Onlyhumans is looking for a Senior Graphic Designer

    Onlyhumans is looking for a Senior Graphic Designer

    Clever design makes heads turn, evokes emotions and gets you thinking. But even more interesting than clever design, if you ask us, are the brains behind it. Brains like yours, perhaps? Are you a Senior Graphic Designer who talks, dreams...
  • Senior Brand Strategist

    Senior Brand Strategist

    About the job Tired of executing international strategies? As senior brand strategist, you will be responsible for up to 5 of our clients. You will apply our Who Dares Wins methodology, meaning that you will make recommendations based on strong...

WE (heart) our clients

We’re suckers for quality. We take pride in the work that we do for these and other fabulous clients.

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