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We are a band of agencies. We are 62MILES.

We offer a crazy wide range of services, but we’re always on the same page, if you count both sides of the paper. We honour expertise and we keep raising the bar. It’s no coincidence that 62 miles above the earth, the sky turns into vast space.

Founded in 2006, Code d’Or delivers tailor-made digital solutions, websites and platforms, writing clever code to take your business process online. Whether it’s small or large, we scope your online project with prototypes, UI/UX/IA, data and process flows, based on a thorough analysis and digital strategy. We turn this knowledge into solid frontend and backend codebases, so your online presence is ready for any digital marketing campaign you want to undertake.

We help you strengthen your employer brand, so you can attract the right talents, keep them on board and turn them into company ambassadors. For the last 8 years, we’ve been using authentic and exciting storytelling and content, which we distribute via the right channels, at the right time – both internally and externally. You can rely on Fantastic for a full-scope approach: from a thorough analysis to a clear strategy and EVP, a compelling story, a visual concept with stopping power and a strong channel strategy, as well as referral and onboarding communication.

Imagine someone who can design your dreams … For over fifteen years now, meetmarcel has been creating and organizing unique events – or rather: timeless moments that make for everlasting memories. Bringing imagination to life: that’s what we do, settling for nothing less than perfection in execution. For the last 3 consecutive years, we were elected Event Agency of the Year, which makes us the most awarded event agency in Belgium.  

Since 2004, mortierbrigade has been one of the most successful creative agencies in Belgian history – and one of the most modest ones, too. Our ‘who dares wins’ methodology brings brands to life. Our wins, then? 10 Effies and more than 40 Cannes Lions, including one Titanium. We were runner-up for Independent European Agency of the Year at Eurobest 2022 and got elected Agency of the Decade by Creative Belgium. Currently, we’re Agency of the Year 2022.

Next Apps has been building high-quality apps since 2014 – for both business users and consumers, and with a laser-sharp focus on simplicity. With our design-first approach and no-nonsense communication, we proved to be an ideal partner for a wide range of clients. We were among the Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 nominees in 2021. Our apps have been highlighted in the App Store around the world and are widely praised for their excellent design and usability.

In 1999, Onlyhumans embarked on a mission of helping brands to make an impact and to strike a chord with their target audience, by focusing on what occupies people’s minds and telling authentic stories. Those stories involve research, but above all: they contain a vision. They require you to take a stance and stick with it. Our strategy results in a wide range of content formats communicating a consistent message across all touchpoints. Because brands not only need a personality – they need to stay true to themselves.

As one of our country’s branding pioneers, Today helped to put this expertise on the Belgian map. Most of the brands we took care of in the last 20 years are still going strong today. Maybe that’s because we know that a great brand strategy does not consist of a hundred head-scratchingly complex slides. We prefer creating clarity first. Then, with sharp visual, sonic and verbal design we conceive timeless brand identities that actually work in the real world. 


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