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Junior QA engineer with an eye for detail

Next Apps has a team of talented designers and developers who join forces every day to make our applications as useful as they can be for everyone. But what may be perfectly logical to one user may not make sense to another at all. Not to mention the occasional technical hiccup.

So, to make our work even better, we are hiring a QA Engineer who looks at our apps from different angles and ensures that their quality is second to none.

What does our QA Tester do all day?

As our Quality Assurance Engineer, you get to work with our apps quite early on in the process. As soon as we’ve developed a certain task or flow, you will extensively test whether that part of the app is completely on point. Did any errors sneak in somehow? Then your feedback helps us solve them. This is how you monitor the quality of our products and services.

You thoroughly test each app in terms of navigation and structure, design, user experience, operation on different devices and operating systems, and translation integration. For the most part, you manually investigate these five criteria, although we also invest in automatic UI and unit testing.

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  • Lokeren

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Junior QA engineer with an eye for detail

Our ideal QA Engineer in a nutshell

  • You work accurately and analytically. You test specific tasks without losing sight of the bigger picture.
  • You look at our products through the eyes of the end customer.
  • Got feedback for us? You communicate it clearly and respectfully to your colleagues.
  • You can manage your own schedule in terms of deadlines and releases.
  • You are not afraid to take initiative and are always looking for technologies or techniques to improve your work as a tester (e.g., with the help of automation).

What we’ve got to offer

  • A competitive salary package with interesting fringe benefits, such as a MacBook Pro, a mobile subscription, meal vouchers and eco vouchers, group insurance, a public transportation pass, bike allowance and a yearly budget for conferences.
  • The company of fantastic colleagues.
  • The trust you deserve, a lot of room for initiative and for old-fashioned fun. That’s what you get for joining a Great Place to Work.
  • A cosy office near the Lokeren railway station, and the possibility to work from home for up to two days a week.
  • Interesting and diverse projects for ditto companies.
  • We never work on the same project for months on end, so you’re in for quite a bit of variation, and for some interesting challenges.
  • Inspiration: we organise a Demo Friday every month (to introduce our projects to each other) or a Lightning Talk (to exchange ideas).

What we stand for

Since 2014, Next Apps has been creating mobile apps and web applications that make people’s lives easier. Our apps each serve up to thousands of users, both in Belgium and abroad. Because we want both our design and functionalities to be as simple and as easy to use as possible, we carefully think things through at the start of every project.

Together with six like-minded agencies, we are 62MILES, a group that combines a wide range of marketing and technical disciplines. In addition to Next Apps, the group consists of mortierbrigade (integrated communications), Onlyhumans (content and performance), Fantastic (employer branding), meetmarcel (live experiences), Code d’Or (digital platforms and websites) and Today (branding).